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Division Of Marital Property

At The Frazier Law Firm, we are dedicated to resolving family disputes fairly, efficiently and with our clients' best interests in mind. For over 20 years, attorney Katherine Frazier has represented Tennessee clients in complex and contentious divorce cases, serving as their fierce advocate, dispassionate spokesperson and emotional support system. While no divorce is easy, your hardship can be minimized with the assistance of our trusted and experienced Memphis divorce attorney.

At our firm, we realize that clients going through a divorce may be experiencing some of the greatest difficulty in their lives, both emotionally and financially. As such, our firm is dedicated to ensuring the division of marital property is fair, equitable and that all assets from both parties are uncovered. For an initial consultation, contact our firm at 901-321-0586.

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Tennessee is an "equitable distribution" state, which means marital property must be equitably divided in a divorce. While this may seem simple enough, equitable division does not necessarily mean equal division, which can lead to disputes.

Asset division and debt division are often contentious issues that require the assistance of an experienced divorce attorney. At our firm, we can help ensure you do not get taken advantage of in your divorce settlement and that your rights are protected throughout the entire proceeding.

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At The Frazier Law Firm, we understand the emotional and financial stress brought on by a divorce, and we are here to ease your burden. With our firm, you will work closely alongside a knowledgeable and experienced attorney who is compassionate to your needs and invested in your success.

In disputes over the division of marital property, we will advocate aggressively for your interests and seek to resolve your case as efficiently and easily as possible. While we aim to avoid courtroom litigation, if it becomes necessary you can rest assured you will be represented aggressively and your rights will be protected for the duration of the trial. Fora an initial consultation with our firm, contact us at 901-321-0586.