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Every divorce comes with its own unique set of complications. No one knows that better than attorney Katherine Frazier. For over 20 years, Ms. Frazier has offered fair, affordable representation to clients in Memphis and the surrounding area to dissolve their marriages. Regardless of your background, net worth or complexity of your divorce, Ms. Frazier can provide you with the aggressive advocacy and compassionate counsel you deserve during this trying time in your life.

At The Frazier Law Firm, we work closely alongside each client to develop personalized strategies aimed at achieving his or her individual goals. Ms. Frazier is accessible to all clients, whether they are in need of legal advice, emotional support or a sounding board during the uncertainty of the divorce process. From the beginning, Ms. Frazier has been personally invested in seeing her clients succeed and their hardship minimized. To work with an attorney who understands what you're going through and can help you through it, contact The Frazier Law Firm today at 901-321-0586.

Minimize Your Burden

Divorce is never simple, but having an established and experienced attorney on your side can help minimize your financial and emotional burden considerably. In addition to providing strong representation on your behalf, a divorce attorney can also negotiate dispassionately with the opposition, uncover hidden assets, evaluate settlement offers, determine alimony and child support, and provide ongoing counsel and advice whenever you need it.

At The Frazier Law Firm, our lead attorney Katherine Frazier has the resources to assist clients in contested and uncontested divorces, high net worth divorces and same-sex divorces. Ms. Frazier's legacy of successfully resolving disputes has earned her a reputation as a reliable, trustworthy lawyer who puts the needs of her clients above all else.

What Can We Do For You?

At our Memphis firm, we offer full-service divorce representation and guidance, and can ensure your rights and interests are protected every step of the way. For over 20 years, Ms. Frazier has been dedicated to resolving divorce disputes fairly, professionally and in a manner which minimizes her clients' hardships. To speak with an accessible attorney who is compassionate to your needs, contact our Memphis firm today at 901-321-0586.