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Paternity Cases

In Tennessee, fathers unwed at the time of a child's birth do not have a presumption of parentage. This means parental rights must be established either by voluntarily signing the birth certificate or in court, otherwise a father's claim as a guardian or as a financial supporter of the child may not be recognized or enforced by law.

Ms. Frazier is committed to providing a fair and compassionate service that places the emotional and financial concerns of her clients above all else. If you have questions regarding paternity, do not hesitate to contact our Memphis firm at 901-321-0586 for an initial consultation today.

Establishing, Recognizing Or Challenging Paternity

Recognizing paternity is beneficial to all parties involved. The well-being of your child is paramount in any family law case, and when paternity is established children can form close bonds with both parents, access medical information and other critical documents from the father and enjoy certain legacy benefits. For the mother, establishing paternity creates a shared responsibility in raising the child and allows for the costs of child rearing to be split. For the father, paternity affords legal rights and gives him a say in the way his child is brought up.

In the state of Tennessee, paternity can be established either voluntarily or involuntarily, through filing a petition with the court. At The Frazier Law Firm, we assist clients seeking to establish paternity in both voluntary and involuntary cases.

Alternatively, if you voluntarily signed the birth certificate and are now questioning whether the child is yours, there are specific procedures you have to follow in order to get a court-ordered DNA test and challenge paternity. At the Frazier Law Firm, we assist clients seeking to challenge paternity after they have voluntarily signed the birth certificate.

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