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Truck Accidents

Given their massive size and speed capability, trucks often cause catastrophic injuries and significant property damage when involved in a crash. Victims of trucking accidents often require expensive medical treatment, cannot perform work duties and suffer emotional damages from the trauma of the accident. At The Frazier Law Firm, we understand the difficulties and uncertainties truck accident victims and their families face in the aftermath of an accident, and we're here to help.

For over 20 years, our founder and lead attorney Katherine Frazier has represented clients involved in a broad range of Tennessee truck accidents, and can help you and your family recover the maximum compensation for your damages and losses. To speak with a trusted, experienced attorney compassionate to your every need, contact our Memphis firm today at 901-321-0586.

Making A Full Recovery, Financially And Emotionally

At The Frazier Law Firm, our lead attorney will work closely alongside you for the full duration of your case - from the day of your accident to the final verdict or settlement - aggressively advocating for your interests and protecting your rights against large insurance companies.

Through a personal injury claim, attorney Katherine Frazier can assist you in achieving a monetary reward for your full range of damages, financial and emotional. In Tennessee, truck accident victims injured due to another's negligence may be entitled to compensation for losses including, but not limited to, the cost of medical expenses, lost wages, lost future earnings, and pain and suffering. Ms. Frazier has the experience, resources and history of results to help ensure her clients receive the compassionate care they deserve and the compensation required to restore their quality of life.

Contact A Compassionate Attorney

Trucking litigation comes with its own unique set of complexities, and requires an attorney with a special skill set and knowledge of the industry. For the past 20-plus years, attorney Katherine Frazier has helped truck accident victims and their families recover the maximum compensation for their losses and get back on their feet.

A compassionate small firm that gets big-firm results, The Frazier Law Firm is known for their client-centric service and personalized approach to each and every case. For a strong, knowledgeable advocate committed to seeing you through this emotionally and financially trying time, contact our Memphis firm today at 901-321-0586.